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WEEE Policy W.E.E.E Policy recognises its responsibilities and obligations under all current National and European legislation in relation to the WEEE directives. are committed to acknowledging and working actively to ensure the safe disposal of the WEEE, it places on the open retail market. recognises the potential impact to the environment and to human health, of hazardous substances contained within WEEE, and work actively to promote and ensure the safe disposal of the products containing WEEE, it places on the open retail market. are registered with the Environment Agency and are WEEE compliant in line with Government legislation.

Legal registration ensures that any product bearing our company marks or logos are treated, recovered and disposed of in the most environmentally sound way suitable for that particular product, at the end of its life.

This achieved by paying a fee, based on a percentage of our market share, in advance of client disposal.

We subscribe to ECONO WEEE, who are market leaders in this field, to provide up to the minute information, systems and support in our continued efforts to work in ways which aim to actively promote conscientious disposal methods.

By ensuring the continued implementation of measurable monitoring strategies, the WEEE products supplied and sold by us, have an end life that is environmentally friendly. are committed to encouraging the Companies it both trades and uses the services of, within the commercial industry, to minimise the impact of their activities on environment, via partnership working, to maintain safe disposal of their products.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

  • will continue to register and subscribe to The Environment Agency on an annual basis.
  • Limited will continue to register and subscribe to a reputable WEEE consultancy company.
  • requires its suppliers to ensure that all products, (that fall within the scope of the Directives), will be labelled with the “Do Not Dispose of in Household Waste” symbol as prescribed in article 10 of the WEEE Directive.
  • will minimise waste by the implementation and evaluation of measurable monitoring strategies.