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The NEW Fabralous is a specially designed support that simply attaches over the top of your existing Bra! No need to buy expensive 'push' type Bra's with Fabralous - the Fabralous is affordable convenient! The Fabralous can be quickly put on at any time - when you want to make a lasting impression, Fabulous will push your best assets...

How does Fabralous work?

Fabralous has been carefully designed to fit over most (if not all!) Bras. It is made with high quality lasting fabric that moves and stretches to compliment the natural curves of your body. Essentially, it will make your assets stand out in an impressive and sexy way. You don't need to be a large size, the clever fabric weave will push any figure to its most desirable proportion! You don't even need 'fillets' - its an all-natural push!

Confidence in every stride!

Your body looks great - the Fabralous is all about boosting your confidence and making you stand out. Whether you're going for a job interview, meeting a new date, going out with friends or the all important party - your Fabralous will boost your femininity without breaking the bank or forcing your body into an uncomfortable shape.


  • Look absolutely stunning
  • Boost your assets
  • Get noticed - with a real natural shape!
  • No uncomfortable straps, wires or fillets

Product Features
  • Features body-soft flexible fabric
  • Comfortable push - without wires or straps
  • One size fits all! Boost strap for larger sizes (upto 36 D)

Make a positive change in your life now...

Walk with the boost of confidence that your body deserves - you look great so make the most of it!

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Accept no substitutes - this is the official Fabralous product! Designed and manufactured to high UK standards.

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